Spray Tanning at Hills Cosmedic

A stunning, bronzed look that appears natural because it is natural. Our premium tanning solutions contain natural and organic ingredients combined with a green base to ensure a truly authentic colour. The superior tanning formulas we use are proven to sustain a natural look for longer and fade up to 80% more naturally than other products. Your skin will reward you by looking even more supple and touchable. We have a selection of subtle tan colours to choose from in addition to a choice of development times. Your treatment will match both your schedule and your unique personal skin tone.


Pre-Treatment Advice

  • Exfoliate your entire body with a professional grade mitt on the day, or the day before your Spray Tan appointment.
  • Do not wear any moisturisers, body butters, oils, perfumes or deodorant to your Spray Tan appointment.
  • If you have any other tanning products on your skin, thoroughly remove these prior to your Spray Tan treatment. This will help to guarantee a more even, longer lasting result.
  • Perform hair removal such as waxing and shaving prior to your Spray Tan treatment.
spray tanning